Why Are Dinosaurs Not Mentioned in the Bible?

Why Are Dinosaurs Not Mentioned in the Bible?

A Sunday School poem for curious children by Ted Guloien

From the wee ant, spider, and snail

To big lions and bears… Jonah’s whale!

Toss in scorpions, maggots, iguana,

The Bible is but littered with fauna.

Noah took two only of each kind,

Yet one creature you just will not find.

For no matter how hard you should look,

There are no dinosaurs in the Good Book.

In Genesis, let me you remind,

God made animals each to their kind,

Giving humans dominion over all

But dinosaurs missed that call.

Had anyone seen a creature so massive,

They would surely have not been impassive,

Leaving them out of their biblical writings

Not recording any dinosaur sightings.

This oversight might well appear odd.

Was the Bible not authored by God?

Though it describes other animals’ features

It makes no mention of these incredible creatures. 

Yet contained in this religious invention,

Even Nephilim get the authors’ attention:

Giant progeny and products of sin

‘Tween God’s sons and the daughters of men.

What of Leviathan, fiery serpent of the seas,

And Behemoth with limbs thick as trees?

The first a dragonesque delusion

While the other of elephantine confusion.

Off to Galilee went Moses, then the apostles,

All walking atop dinosaur fossils.

For when crafting this biblical conceit

The dinosaurs were well under their feet.

God himself was created no doubt,

Long after the dinosaurs died out.

The authors of the Bible’s world view

Wrote only about that which they knew.

And so despite its authority and glory

The Bible’s just another tall story.

If it is truth in the Bible you search for

Its absence is as large as the dinosaur.  

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